As specialists in packaging, warehousing, and distribution, we understand your service expectations for Just-In-Time (J-I-T) manufacturing. We do our best to exceed those expectations with our total quality commitment that is the ongoing philosophy of how we do business. Flexibility in service means efficiency for our customers.

Production Lines:
 * Eight (8) Production Lines
 * Integrated Grinding and Blending System
 * Heated Batch Blending System
 * Production Capacity: 1,000,000 pounds per day

Production Strengths:
 * Blending ingredients and multi-component blends
 * Liquid additives into dried blends
 * Hard to handle materials / Small batch quantities
 * Air classification of various size materials
 * Fully integrated customized warehouse management system

Packages Supported:
 * Open Mouth and Valve Multiwall bags
 * Open Mouth and Valve Poly bags
 * Sewn and Heat Sealed bags (tape over available)
 * Boxing
 * FIBC’s and IBC’s of various sizes and constructions

Container Yard:
 * Storage for 25 - 30 export containers
 * Shipping from various major ports
 * Load loose bulk containers (lined), & packaged product boxes

 * Railcar Storage for up to 25 Railcars
 * Supported by the CSX railroad

 * 202,000 sq. ft. warehouse and production facility
 * Warehouse is fully sprinkler protected
 * Racking is available

ISO 9001:
 * Seapac is an ISO 9001 certified company
  • Import/Export Packaging
  • Container Loading and Unloading
  • Chemical Product Screening, Classification, Blending, and Grinding/Pulverizing
  • Various On-Site Product Testing
  • Over 200,000 sq. ft. Sprinklered Warehouse Space
  • Custom Warehouse Management System used for Product Tracking, Inventory Control, Performance and Quality Measurements