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As specialists in packaging, warehousing, and distribution, we understand your service expectations for Just-In-Time (J-I-T) manufacturing. We do our best to exceed those expectations with our total quality commitment that is the ongoing philosophy of how we do business. Flexibility in service means efficiency for our customers.

  • Import/Export Packaging
  • Container Loading and Unloading
  • Chemical Product Screening, Classification, Blending, and Grinding/Pulverizing
  • Various On-Site Product Testing
  • Over Two Hundred Thousand sq.ft. of Sprinklered Warehouse Space
  • Custom Warehouse Management System used for Product Tracking, Inventory Control,Performance and Quality Measurements


Production Lines:
* Eight (8) Productions Lines
* Integrated Grinding and Blending System
* Heated Batch Blending System
* Production Capacity: 1,000,000 pounds per day

Production Strengths:
* Blending ingredients and multi-component blends
* Liquid additives into dried blends
* Hard to handle materials / Small batch quantities
* Air classification of various size materials
* Fully integrated customized warehouse management system

Packages Supported:
* Open Mouth and Valve Multiwall bags
* Open Mouth and Valve Poly bags
* Sewn and Heat Sealed bags (tape over available)
* Boxing
* FIBC’s and IBC’s of various sizes and constructions

Container Yard:
* Storage for 25 - 30 export containers
* Shipping from various major ports
* Load loose bulk containers (lined), and packaged product boxes

* Railcar Storage for up to 25 Railcars
* Supported by the CSX railroad
Warehousing: * 202,000 sq. foot warehouse and production facility
* Warehouse is fully sprinkler protected
* Racking is available

ISO 9001:
* Seapac is an ISO 9001 certified company

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